The Newest Video-Game Platform: Your Local Men’s Room

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Presumably acting on the notion that men have the attention spans of children, a bar in the U.K. has given guys something to do while using the restroom. The Exhibit Bar in Balham, South London is now the proud owner of stream-controlled video games set atop each urinal in their men’s room. That’s right, men can play video games while they relieve themselves.

The bar’s owner, Drew Weatherhead, said he hopes the games attract new customers and, in a way, the idea is quite ingenious. The game only works for as long as your bladder does, so to continue playing men will have to keep filling up on beer and alcohol.  And we’re betting it helps improve the bathroom’s cleanliness, since men have a vested interest in improving their aim. It’s sort of win-win for almost everyone involved. But ladies, you’ll probably want to drink elsewhere.

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