#Overused: The Most Popular Twitter Hashtags of 2011

Which hashtags were #winning in 2011?

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Twitter has revealed its most-used hashtags of 2011, with #Egypt topping the list. Other events, both global and cultural, made waves on the social network. Charlie Sheen’s #Tigerblood came in second, and #Japan, #Superbowl, and #Jan25 (relating to Egypt’s revolution) all made appearances in the top eight.

Vaguer hashtags, which let users be creative and witty, also abounded. Labels like #threewordstoliveby and #idontunderstandwhy ranked highly.

Twitter also divulged the most popular topics in certain categories. Some were expected (“Rebecca Black and Friday” was the hottest music topic), while others were a bit more perplexing (McLobster topped the food and drink list).

Tahrir Square had a notable influence on Twitter, as evidenced by the lists. Mubarak’s resignation was the top world news story, while Cairo and Egypt were the two most mentioned locations in the “cities and countries” category.

But the roots of the Arab Spring shared importance with a dearly departed TV star. There are clearly some die-hard Dr. Who fans on Twitter, as Elisabeth Sladen, the late British actress best known for her work on the series, bested Emma Watson and Jennifer Lopez in the actresses category.

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