Are Aries More Likely to Be Criminals?

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Francesco Reginato/The Image Bank

One Canadian city would like to caution you to beware of loved ones who claim Aries as their zodiac sign—they might be more likely to break the law.

Canada’s National Post reports that according to police in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, 203 of 1,986 people arrested last year were Aries, while Sagittarius came in as the least-arrested sign at 139.

It sounds like it was a rather slow day for the city’s police force, who compiled this ranking for the first time. The Chatham-Kent Police Service explained their method in a news release: “To provide an interesting astrological perspective, an algorithm was applied to all the arrestees’ dates of birth.”

Yet even the police themselves aren’t taking the list seriously. “You can’t really read too much into it,” police spokesman Const. Michael Pearce told the National Post.

However, if one wanted to believe that sun signs do give some indication of personalities more prone to breaking the rules, Aries would seem fitting. The National Post’s horoscope writer Georgia Nichols told the paper, “Aries is the sign of the warrior. Aries rules the military. Aries jump in head first, and love adventure.” A fire sign, Aries are known to be bold, impulsive, hot-headed, and quick to temper—traits that those landing in jail might seem to share.

Then again, the individual bad decisions of a few people (like noted Aries Adolf Hitler) who happen to share the same sign shouldn’t speak to the character of an entire zodiac sign population (like sweetheart Aries actor Matthew Broderick!). But people really do love to make grand generalizations at times, don’t they?

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