James Franco to Publish His First Novel on Amazon

America's favorite jack-of-all-trades is at it again.

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Eric Charbonneau / WireImage / Getty Images

Filmmaker, Oscar host, serial grad student, avant-garde artist, and occasional actor – James Franco has almost done it all. And now, in what seems like an attempt to round out his college applications, he adds a new title to the list: published novelist.

That’s right, this jack-of-seemingly-every-possible-trade has penned his first full-length novel, Actors Anonymous, which is said to be a semi-fictional, semi-autobiographical account of his experiences as an actor. His first foray into literature was a collection of short stories called Palo Alto, which received less-than-rave reviews back in 2010. This time, he’s skirting the traditional publishing house route and has sold his book directly to Amazon.

It remains to be seen how Franco’s newest project will fare amid his prolific repertoire of creative endeavors. But given his track record, maybe he should have just quit while he was ahead after the genius that was Freaks and Geeks.

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