The Honey Badger Don’t Care. But TV Networks Might

Can 33 million YouTube views translate to television success?

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A foul-mouthed YouTube sensation will be developed into an animation/live-action comedy called Honey Badger U, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

New Canadian production company Six Eleven Media announced its plans to shop the concept around broadcast and cable networks. The project will center on Randall, the chief professor of life sciences at a university where the mascot is none other than — you guessed it — a crazy, nastya– honey badger.

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The team behind the show includes Six Eleven Media executives Kirk Schenck and Charles Bishop, as well as comedian Harland Williams and Randall creator Christopher Gordon.

“Six Eleven was developing a university-based animated comedy following a professor who thinks he knows more than he really does, and his students, who know even less. When Randall’s Honey Badger videos took off last year garnering tens of millions of avid followers around the world, it seemed natural to merge the two concepts,” Schenck said in a statement.

“The most fearless animal in all of the animal kingdom” first debuted last year on YouTube as a nature documentary dubbed over by a man named Randall. The viral sensation has since racked up more than 33 million views and reigns as one of 2011’s most popular web videos.

Plans for the show will coincide with the release of a book based on the video as well as two iPhone apps. Whether or not the timing will work out, NewsFeed is pretty sure the honey badger is too busy killing snakes to care.

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