Kim Dotcom Plans to Release Full-Length Album

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YouTube Screengrab

Kim Dotcom singing in a recording studio, as seen on the "Megaupload Mega Song" music video

“It’s a hit,” Kim Dotcom sang in the $3 million Megaupload Mega Song production released in December. The web mogul, who was arrested on Jan. 20 in New Zealand on copyright infringement charges, made a quick cameo in the star-studded video, laying down part of the 4-minute 17-second track in an unmistakable European accent. And despite the fact that he is being detained without bail, his recording career does not appear to be on hold. According to MTV Hive, he’s planning to release a full-length album.

For a man with a $24 million mansion and 15 Mercedes-Benz, Dotcom is cutting no corners. He has recruited music producer Printz Board, the Black Eyed Peas’ musical director who originally helped to make the Megaupload Mega Song. The Mega Song has since been viewed by more than 12 million people on YouTube, helping to rebrand his file-sharing site as a celebrity-endorsed enterprise. Jamie Foxx, P. Diddy and Kim Kardashian have all delivered glowing endorsements for the website Dotcom founded. Perhaps Dotcom is hoping to capitalize on that success with a recording fully his own.

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Printz Board’s production team, Beets & Produce, is coordinating the album’s recording and release. “It is a phenomenal project,” Joseph “Papo” Besson, Beets & Produce’s VP of Operations told MTV, confirming the record. “Kim is also pushing the limits with this project. He has some huge surprises for everyone.” NewsFeed hopes that one of those surprises is Kim’s ability to carry a tune. While the 30-second snippet of the Mega Song demonstrated a small tonal range and ability to keep rhythm, if American Idol has taught us anything, it’s that not everyone is cut out for recording-artist fame. Will Kim Dotcom be the next William Hung?

Unfortunately, we might not be able to download (legally, of course) Dotcom’s slick accented rap anytime soon. The scathing 72-page indictment and possibility of being extradited to the U.S. will no doubt make getting some studio time rather difficult. Perhaps he’ll pen some lyrics while in jail – it should provide some decent inspiration for a new track.

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