Move Over, Pajama Jeans: Dress-Pant Sweatpants Have Arrived

Now you can dress professionally, while secretly being lazy.

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Courtesy of Betabrand

Those college days of wearing grubby sweats to class may be far behind you, but now you can relive that straight-out-of-bed feeling with Betabrand’s new Dress Pant Sweatpants.

Created exclusively for men, these $90 pants boast “boardroom style [and] bedroom comfort.” You see, while the pants might appear to be your standard, charcoal-gray, wool trousers, in fact they are fashioned from French terry fabric. In other words, they’re sweatpants with real-pants details like pockets, a button, a zipper and belt loops. It’s the lazy man’s dream come true.

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Betabrand is a San Francisco-based online clothier that offers offbeat products for the more adventurous guy. Founded in 2010 by Chris Lindland, the company designs, manufactures and releases two to three new products per week, and is known for creating such gems as the Disco Pants, Cordarounds and Japants. They’re even considering mass-producing a matching blazer to the Dress Pants Sweatpants, called the Earl Gray Terry Blazer.

While we can’t be certain that your boss will understand the, ahem, interesting fashion choice that the Dress Pant Sweatpants expresses, the appeal is certainly undeniable. Most dress pants are starchy, ill-fitting and just plain uncomfortable. Why not go for incognito coziness when getting dressed for work? Just don’t try to take a nap under your desk.

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