A Lesson in Lin-guistics: The Best (And Worst) Jeremy Lin Puns

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Mike Cassese / Reuters

The best part about Jeremy Lin’s rise to fame, or “Linsanity” as we assume it will appear in dictionaries? Even those who know nothing about sports can get involved — or rather, linvolved — by  contributing to the linsane linvasion of seemingly linfinite puns. See how fun it is? Anyone can do it! No, seriously, anyone and everyone is doing it. Here are some of the corniest puns circulating.

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Linderella Story. The Harvard grad reportedly crashed on his brother’s couch while waiting for his NBA contract to be finalized. But now he’s moving to the Trump Tower. So is that why this is a Linderella story, as seen in the photo above? Or because he quickly traveled (basketball pun!) his way into the public eye and is having a slam-dunk (again!) season?

All He Does is Lin, Lin, Lin. Once Shaq tweeted this one to his 5 million followers, there was really just no use in trying to stop it. That was really the beginning of the end.

Does This Look Lin-fected? Variations of this one have popped up all over the place, including on Tumblr as a graphic featuring a roaring Lin with the words, “I’ve been Linfected.”

Linning. This even inspired a website and yet another meme imitating a popular sports figure. But it’s still dredging up painful memories of the Charlie Sheen #winning fiasco. Someone, please, make it stop.

Happy VaLINtine’s Day. The good thing about this one is that it’s no longer topical. It had its court time all over Twitter, but now that February 14 has passed, it has officially been benched.


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Jere-meat Sauce with Lin-guine. This is David Letterman’s pick for number 3 worst Jeremy Lin pun, which he discussed on Wednesday’s Late Show. This is, however, one of the best ones ever, because it incorporates Lin’s far trickier first name. Kudos, David Letterman.

If you’re a bit late to the pun game, visit the Jeremy Lin Word Generator for inspiration. Though most puns have only been offensive in how groan-worthy they are, others have been much more controversial, like the New York Post‘s front page featuring the headline “Amasian.” Several other newspapers across the nation have also featured Lin puns, from “ThrilLIN’” to “bLINg.”

As some begin to question if the Knicks’ star point guard’s fame will soon end, NewsFeed knows the puns will forever live in linfamy. (Okay, seriously, we’re done now.)