Oh Yes, It’s Real: McDonald’s Austria Introduces Deep-Fried McRib

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Introducing the McRibster, the deep-fried cousin of the McRib, available for a limited time at McDonald's restaurants in Austria.

McDonald’s Austria has introduced a sandwich that can only be described as a conundrum of dietary proportions. Meet the McRibster.

Made up of “juicy pork, bacon, pepper-jack cheese, and crunchy iceberg lettuce, red onion, delicious honey-mustard sauce and spicy sweet chili sauce,”  Eater describes it as “a deep-fried McRib with bacon on it.” And don’t forget the cheese!

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With the help of Google Translate (our German is not so good), NewsFeed has learned the limited-time-only delight is the brain child of Manuel Mahlberg and Manuel Szlavichtwo, two probably very hungry sandwich innovators. The belly-buster was one of the winners of the 2011 Mein Burger (My Burger) contest.

No word on if the McRibster will make an appearance stateside. Burger Business assures us the less fried, more barbecue version of the McRib isn’t being ousted by its porkier foreign friend anytime soon.