Groupon Pulls Deal for Serial-Killer Walking Tour

Alongside deals for Milwaukee restaurants and mani-pedis was a controversial coupon for a Jeffrey Dahmer tour.

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EUGENE GARCIA / AFP / Getty Images

Suspected serial killer Jeffrey L. Dahmer enters the courtroom of judge Jeffrey A. Wagner on August 6, 1991.

This week, until notable local outrage tipped off the site, Groupon was selling two walking tour tickets for $25 for those who wanted to see where infamous Milwaukee serial killer — Jeffrey Dahmer, who brutally killed 17 people — used to hang out decades ago. Tickets were offered at a 58% discount. Once locals and other websites started noticing, they got angry and Groupon pulled the sale.

Few people, apparently, bought the lurid deal from the website. “Groupon works with hundreds of thousands of merchants, and it’s never our intention to offend anyone. We’ve pulled the deal and only 15 were purchased,” a spokesman told MSNBC.

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Having said that, Bam Media Marketing and Media, which sponsored the tour, confirmed to the Associated Press that the initial 20-person walking tours this Saturday were almost completely booked. And Twelfth District Alderman Jim Witkowiak said that despite the complaints, City Hall won’t be stopping the tour, WISN 12 News reported.

On The Dahmer Tour’s website, its FAQ page struck a defensive tone in response to a question that asked “Aren’t you responsible for sensationalizing this?” The response: “Perhaps, however, no more than news reporters who cover the news of the day in order to sell more papers…”

The site says the tour will “walk you down the path that Milwaukee’s monster had trod, giving you the only available inside view of his hunting grounds.”

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