Watch: Artist Paints Masterpieces with His Tongue

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In kindergarten you are taught that eyes are for seeing, hands are for doing, and tongues are for tasting. Well artist Ani K doesn’t care what you were taught. He is making a name for himself for his beautiful, colorful, modernist paintings. Paintings he makes with his tongue.

The Kerala, India-based art teacher was inspired by a report he saw on a painter who worked exclusively with his toes. For reasons that are entirely his own, he saw toe painting as a challenge and wanted to go a step further. He tried painting with his nose, but found the methodology lacking and the technique far too popular. That lead him to try tongue painting. A few attempts and some positive press later, the artist had found his milieu. The process involves applying (one assumes) lead-free oil paint to a palette, scooping it up with his tongue and applying it to the canvas. The oil paint causes side effects, but for Ani, the results are well worth the accompanying headaches and nausea. Not only is he getting international media attention for his work, but he has also raised the bar for body part painters everywhere. What’s left now that toe, nose, and tongue painting? We don’t want to know.

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