America, Meet Samantha Cameron

"Sam Cam" makes her U.S. debut this week with her husband, British Prime Minister David Cameron.

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Samantha Cameron (left), wife of British Prime Minister David Cameron, and Michelle Obama (right) on March 14, 2012 in Washington, DC.

Samantha Cameron made her debut on the world stage Tuesday as she accompanied her husband, British Prime Minister David Cameron, to the U.S. for a three-day official visit with the Obamas. The trip cannot be called an state visit (that title is reserved for the Queen), but the couple is receiving treatment indicative of the “special relationship” between the U.S. and the U.K.

Much will be written about her wardrobe choices during the next 48 hours, but “Sam Cam,” as she is known in Britain, deserves attention for more than her sartorial prowess. Although as an ambassador for the British Fashion Council her personal style is top-notch, favoring home-grown talents to international mega-brands.

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Not known for seeking the spotlight, let’s find out more about the U.K’s first lady.

Royal Blood — A descendent of King Charles II, Samantha Gwendoline Cameron (née Sheffield) shares blood lines with both Anne Boleyn and Diana, Princess of Wales. She also attended Marlborough College, the same prestigious school attended by Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Working 9 to 5 — Cameron served as Creative Director for British luxury brand Smythson for 14 years before reducing her position to consultant in 2010, following her husband’s election as prime minister and her fourth pregnancy. Not one to shy away from work, she cut her maternity leave short, returning to work after seven months instead of the allotted 12.

Grace Through tragedy In February 2009, David and Samantha Cameron lost their oldest son Ivan after a lifelong battle with cerebral palsy. While declining to speak publicly about Ivan’s death, David Cameron’s biographer, James Hanning, told U.K. newspaper The Guardian having a special-needs child forever changed the family.

Cool Britannia — Sam Cam has a dolphin tattoo on her ankle. Plus, at Wednesday’s dinner the Camerons’ contribution to the musical lineup will be London-bred Mumford and Sons. (The Obamas picked R&B singer John Legend.)

The Camerons have received a warm welcome in the States, from trips on Air Force One to hot dogs in Ohio, and they can return the favor this summer when Michelle Obama arrives in London to lead the U.S. Olympic delegation for the 2012 Games.

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