Can Basketball and Free Pizza Tempt You Into Getting a Vasectomy?

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Helping further the notion that men are simple creatures that enjoy simple pleasures, the Urology Associates of Cape Cod is offering up a free pizza with each vasectomy, as part of their March Madness special. Yup.

“Hey guys,” an attractive girl coos in a commercial promoting the deal. “Want to watch the college basketball tournament guilt-free?”

The practice hatched the deal to draw in more business, offering patients who undergo the procedure in March a free pizza, plus the opportunity to relax for a few days and watch the NCAA basketball tournament on a big-screen TV post-operation.

Of course, many men will enjoy a pizza and the game without having to put themselves through surgery, but most men who get the procedure say they wish they’d gotten a vasectomy sooner, says Dr. Evangelos Geraniotis, a urologist with the practice.

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