Carnegie Deli Debuts ‘Jetbow’ Sandwich for Tebow’s N.Y. Arrival

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ESPN / Screenshot

The "Jetbow" sandwich is said to represent Tim Tebow's All-American personality.

His name has been printed on jerseys and rosters already, so it’s only natural that Tim Tebow is appearing on menus across New York City, too. To coincide with Tebow’s Monday introduction as the New York Jets’ backup quarterback, the world-famous Carnegie Deli introduced the “Jetbow” sandwich in his honor.

But the physically-fit Tebow might lose his well-toned physique after devouring the sandwich that bears his name. It’s an estimated 3.5-pound behemoth, piled high with ingredients that represent Tebow’s “all-American boy” personality, Carnegie Deli owner Sandy Levine told ESPN. The larger-than-life sandwich is stacked with American pride: roast beef and American cheese abound, which is a break from tradition for the Jewish cultural institution lauded for its concoctions loaded with rye bread.

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But the true change is in the sandwich’s topper. Levine notes the “Jetbow” is the first celebrity sandwich they’ve ever made covered in white bread and mayonnaise. Buried underneath is the pastrami and corned beef that made the deli famous since it first opened 75 years ago.

And in that time, they’ve graced dozens of celebs with custom sandwiches. Woody Allen has his own dish that stands proudly on the menu, featuring “lotsa corned beef plus lotsa pastrami” for $19.95. Jerry Springer’s sandwich is made with pastrami, tongue, bologna, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing.

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The “Jetbow” contains more typical-American ingredients than the other celebrities’ sandwiches. While you may not finish it in one sitting, just be sure not to choke on the price: at $22.22, you had better squeeze more than a single meal out of it. Levine explains the price is the sum of Tebow’s jersey (15) and Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez’s (6). The extra $1.22 added on helps to create an alliterative vibe.

Tebow joins the likes of Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony in receiving a customized sandwich upon his arrival in New York. When Melo was traded to the Knicks in early 2011, the deli graced him with a sandwich.

Tebow might be playing second-fiddle to Mark Sanchez, but he’s apparently the first-stringer in Carnegie Deli’s hearts. And if the former Florida Gators QB does visit the deli to attempt his namesake sandwich, we hope that he’ll go with a bigger appetite than his 2009 visit.


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