Loyal Dog Braves Oncoming Traffic to Guard Fatally Injured Friend

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Man’s best friend is also dog’s best friend. A black Labrador in La Puente, Calif. braved oncoming traffic to stay by her companion’s side, after the dog was hit by an oncoming motorist.

The two dogs were spotted on Hacienda Boulevard in Los Angeles County, where the accident happened. Drivers coming across the tragic scene were reporting that there were two dogs lying in the street, one motionless.

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When the local county’s animal care department reached the dogs, they discovered that the motionless dog had died after suffering from head injuries. The loyal and steadfast canine companion, who is being dubbed as “Grace” by local authorities, was left unharmed. Sadly, you just can’t make these things up.

Grace, who doesn’t have a tag or microchip, was taken to the local animal shelter where animal workers are currently looking for a home for her. We wish the story could have had a happier ending, but if you’re so inclined, the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in Los Angeles has a black Lab who’s looking for a deserving family.

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