This 4/20, Celebrate With Some Hemp Vodka

Just please don't try to, you know, smoke it.

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Just in time for April 20th — otherwise known as 4/20, or, essentially, national marijuana-smoking day — the Alaska Distillery invites you to raise a glass rather than pass a joint.

Today, the Wasilla-based company, known for its smoked-salmon liquor (and, presumably, for sharing a hometown with Sarah Palin), launches its latest experiment: hemp seed vodka. But before you get too giddy: the seeds are sterilized in preparation for the distillation process and contain no THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Samples of the liquor had to be approved by federal regulators to make sure no traces could be detected, the Associated Press reports.

So really, the vodka will just taste a bit sweeter and nuttier than its more traditional counterparts. Still, the distillery expects the product, dubbed “Purgatory,” to become its biggest seller. The company hosts a kickoff party to unveil the vodka today in Girdwood, Ala., and at a hemp seed event in Colorado.

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