‘Yep, That’s Me!’: Detroit Judge Sees No Shame In His Sexting Game

The Detroit area judge sees nothing wrong with sexting a married court bailiff. In fact, he seemed almost proud of it.

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It all started when a married woman in Detroit received an unsolicited — and unappreciated — half-naked photo of her boss via text message. The man sexting her? Her boss, Wade McCree, a Detroit 3rd Circuit Judge. The woman, a married court bailiff, alerted the news outlets of her boss’s nearly nude photo and her local Fox affiliate sent a reporter to talk to the judge about the woman’s claim. For McCree, there was no denying this one. The photo, a head-to-waist shirtless shot of the judge, was unmistakably him. But the reporter seemed awfully shocked by McCree’s shameless response: “Hot dog, yep, that’s me,” he proclaimed. “There’s no shame to my game…shoot.”

That candid and surprisingly honest answer to a burgeoning sex scandal was aired on the local news but quickly made its way to the national scale. The viral video and the ensuing national joke status of the judge is undoubtedly of little comfort to the woman’s husband who found the racy shirtless picture of the judge on his wife’s cell phone. The husband has filed an official complaint with the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission, according to the local news station, My Fox Detroit.

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