Rattlesnake Bites Pot Grower at Walmart

Yes, you pretty much have to read this article now.

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Don’t fret: Walmart officials will sweep their Clarkston, Wash., store to ensure no more rattlesnakes will bite customers. More than one would simply be too much.

At the eastern Washington store, customer Mica Craig wanted to get a better look at the mulch in the garden section he needed for his marijuana plants (which he is licensed to grow for medical reasons). So, he brushed away a stick that was in the way. To his considerable surprise, it turned out that the stick was actually the tail end of a four-rattle rattlesnake, which swerved around and bit Craig, 47, on the right hand.

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“I slung it off and I did a tap dance on it until it was dead,” Craig told Reuters. The married father of two then collapsed in pain and was rushed to the hospital by a fellow shopper who saw Craig’s puncture wounds on his hand and the dead rattler on the ground.

Walmart apologized for the incident and planned a sweep of the store using a pest management team to ensure the snake acted alone. It is unknown if the rattler had been traveling with the shipment of mulch or decided to cozy up in the store after venturing over from an adjacent field.

Craig was treated with six bags of anti-venom after his hand swelled to the size of a melon and says he still hasn’t regained feeling in two of his fingers.

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