Queen Elizabeth II’s Underwear For Sale on eBay

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Dubronyi Estate/eBay

Would the term “Anglophile” be a grotesque understatement in describing your devotion to all things British? Have you daydreamed about wearing corsets and frilly dresses while being waited on in Buckingham Palace? Well, now you can buy yourself a piece of the Royal dream—a pair of Queen Elizabeth II’s very own silk underwear is apparently up for sale on eBay.

Don’t click ‘bid’ just yet — the frilly bloomers have not been confirmed as authentic, the Daily Beast takes pains to report. They are being sold by the estate of the Hungarian-born, Miami-based Baron Joseph “Sepy” de Bicske Dobronyi, who died in 2010 — an “aristocrat, art collector, world traveler, movie maker, pilot, wine collector, sportsman, playboy, and bon vivant,” according to his profile on the not-always-reliable Wikipedia.

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TMZ reports that before Dobronyi came into possession of the underwear when they were left on a private plane after the Queen’s visit to Chile in 1968; the pilot, a friend of Dobronyi’s, gave them to him. A rep for Dobronyi told TMZ that a deal to auction off the piece with British auction house Hansons Auctioneers was taking too long, so the estate went ahead and put it up on eBay themselves.

However, they do warn:

“Since Buckingham Palace or the garment maker have not confirm or deny the authenticity that this pair of underpants are from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, the estate cannot confirm its provenance and it is the buyer’s responsibility to do that on their own before bidding. In either case this is an excellent example of a vintage undergarment of that era and very collectable.”

So, if you want a pair of 44-year-old embroidered panties, with a monogram of the royal crown and the initial “E” stitched on it, you know where to go. Current bid is at $5,810.00 with five days left.

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