Cows Crash Party, Drink Beer

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Getty Images

These guys are party animals.

In Boxford, Mass., a gang of five or six escaped local cows decided the best thing to do with their new-found freedom was to get drunk ASAP. The herd made their way to a local home, drove off the human residents — who were holding a backyard party — and made straight for the beer.

“They got up as the cows went toward the table,” Lt. James Riter of the Boxford police said of the surprised party guests, according to NBC. “They stepped back and the cows took over the table, knocking over the beers with their noses, drinking the beer off the table. They went to the recycling bin to find any leftovers.” Riter said the cows clearly relished the treat. “They enjoyed it. There’s no doubt about it.”

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A call to 911 was promptly placed — “We thought they were deer, but they’re huge, huge, huge cows,” the caller told the dispatcher — and police arrived to round up the offending bovines and  escort them back to their farm a mile away.

The Massachusetts cows are not the first to find fame after hoofing it. German cow Yvonne won hearts world-wide after she broke through an electric fence to escape slaughter and survived for three months as a fugitive in the Bavarian forest. (She ended up at an animal sanctuary and her story is now being turned into an animated featureCow on the Run.”)

Another heifer, nicknamed “Unsinkable Molly B,” jumped a five-foot slaughterhouse gate and forded the Missouri River in an audacious escape in 2006. The 1,200 pound bovine was finally brought down by tranquilizer darts and transferred to an animal sanctuary.

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