Kansas Boy Buys Camera At Garage Sale, Finds Photo of Dead Uncle

It's either a modern ghost story or a wild coincidence.

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We’ve all heard stories of hidden treasures found in attics, long lost Picassos discovered in crawlspaces, Ansel Adams photos picked up for pennies at garage sales. This story is a little different though, because the valuable item nabbed at a yard sale for a dollar was likely worthless to most people — but priceless for the family who picked it up.

When an old Polaroid camera caught Addison Logan’s eye at a yard sale, he picked it up for a dollar with no idea what treasure was hidden inside. He took the camera home and while trying to figure out how it worked, removed the film cartridge, and found a photo already developed and hidden in the camera. He took the picture downstairs to show his grandmother. She didn’t understand what she was seeing. Where did Addison find a photo of his long-dead uncle?  “I thought he found it somewhere in the house,” Lois Logan told The Daily. “He had no idea that that was his uncle.” Addison never met his uncle Scott, who died in 1989, before he was born, so he didn’t recognize the man in the photo he had found in the camera. Ye, there he was: a ghost from the past captured on film lying undiscovered for more than two decades.

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The Logan family was mystified by the series of events that lead to the picture coming into their possession. No one seems to know where the camera came from or who took the photo. According to The Daily, Blake Logan — Scott’s brother and Addison’s father — went back to the house where his son bought the camera in hopes of finding some clues, but was unable to find any answers. Lois Logan, Scott’s mother, recognized the woman in the photo as an old girlfriend of her son’s. With that clue she was able to guess that the photo was probably taken during Scott’s senior year of high school or freshman year in college, 10 years before the car accident that took his life. With no clues to go on, and no answers forthcoming, the Logan family is accepting the photo for what it is: a very welcome blessing from the past.

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