Man Arrested for Wasabi Attack

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Got sushi? You may be considered armed and dangerous.

John McGuinness was recently charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon after a dispute over a text message with his girlfriend. What was the dangerous weapon, you ask? Wasabi sauce.

Driving home together from a pub after a Celtics game, McGuinness’ girlfriend got a text from a male friend. According to a report by CBS Boston, the two quickly began fighting and McGuinness became “enraged”.

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McGuinness was dropped off at his home in Marstons Mills, Mass. where he called his girlfriend and threatened to throw away her $200 pair of jeans. When the girlfriend returned to McGuinness’ home to stop him, McGuiness was standing outside his house holding the jeans, which were now covered in wasabi sauce.

Police reported that he threw the now hazardous jeans in his girlfriends face, causing the spicy sushi condiment to get into her eyes.

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After this, police say, “a physical confrontation actually took place.” McGuinness parked his girlfriend’s car in the middle of the road with its doors open, causing an oncoming car to whip past and slam the doors closed.

Soon after this, and after McGuinness stole her cell phone and poured wasabi into her car, his girlfriend called the police who came and arrested him.

Police said the girlfriend was able to flush the painful spice out of her eyes with a bottle of water and left the scene unharmed. In addition to assault and battery, McGuinness will be charged with battery/domestic violence and intimidation of a witness.

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