WATCH: The Furby Is Back … And Still Creepy

But the aqua-furred toy does have his own iPhone app now.

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Furbies were once so popular that during the 1998 holiday shopping season, their retail price skyrocketed from $35 to $100. But like beanie babies and tamagotchis, the fad for the chirping, furry toys ebbed and they were discontinued in 2000. Now, Hasbro is bringing the critters back, updating them for the digital age.

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Furby 2.o features LCD eyes, rendering the little monsters even creepier than they were back in the 90’s. The upgraded Furby can even dance: The one in this video rocks out to “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).” There’s even an iOS app that allows your child to feed his or her Furby digital food or learn its language, Furbish.

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But much of the 2012 Furby stays true to the original version. The toys have the ability to talk to other Furby friends in Furbish (which sounds like mere annoying gibberish to humans). Indeed, he never stops talking because 2012 Furby, like the original, has no off switch — an important fact for parents to remember before they rush out to stores this Christmas to bring Furbies back into their households for $60 apiece.

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