This Alleged Burglar Didn’t Steal Anything, He Just Defiled His Victims’ Computers

He didn't take anything from the homes he broke into. He just wanted some "alone time."

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The alleged porn burglar.

A 21-year-old Oregon man who went to extreme lengths to get some “alone time” met with some interference last week when he was arrested for violating his neighbors’ homes, their trust — and their Internet browsers.

Antone Forrest Deedward Owens was charged last Thursday with four counts of first-degree burglary, one count of menacing and one count of coercion after Eugene police arrested him for a series of break-ins that may stretch as far back as September. But the supposed burglaries — which all occurred within a five-block radius of Owens’ home — are not the most disturbing part of his alleged crimes: instead of stealing anything, Owens is accused of using his neighbors’ computers to satisfy his pornography addiction.

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After breaking into their homes, the suspect would make a beeline for the computer to access porn sites, Sergeant Mitch Martin of the Eugene Police Property Crimes Unit told KVAL. Owens, he said, “gets more of an adrenaline rush from going into someone’s house even though he doesn’t want to create any violent acts.”

Initially, Owens seemed like a rather tame burglar, though his actions changed when a woman arrived at her home in March, finding her computer was on, with a raunchy film playing on the screen, according to KATU. Next to the computer she found evidence that someone had been there, including towels and a cell phone. Owens had made a break for it, trying to escape through her backyard. As the woman called 911, the man — who police have identified as Owens — allegedly broke open her door and threatened to kill her, before ultimately fleeing with his possessions in hand.

After another reported run-in with the suspect, and several complaints about break-ins in the neighborhood, police eventually connected Owens to the crime by matching DNA from one of the towels he left behind to a voluntary swab he had taken some time earlier. With the discovery that the burglary suspect — who victims report hit some houses multiple times — is a resident of their neighborhood, locals told KVAL that they were shocked by the turn of events.

“It is surprising to me that people break into people’s homes with that kind of knowledge in their heads.” said neighborhood resident Kevin Meehan. “It’s a shame, it’s a very dangerous game to play.”

KVAL reported that Owens told police he is married and admitted to struggling with a pornography addiction since he was in high school.

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