WATCH: PSY Brings ‘Gangnam Style’ to Dodger Stadium

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Attention, global K-Pop fans: The man behind the “invisible horse dance” is real, and he’s fabulous.

Korean rap sensation PSY, a.k.a. performer and reality TV judge Jae-Sang Park, attended a Dodgers-Giants game on Monday night, but the singer of the wildly popular viral hit “Gangnam Style” wasn’t there to perform. An eagle-eyed stadium worker apparently noticed him watching in the stands, and soon the song was blasting throughout Dodger Stadium. As the stadium cameras zoomed on the rapper lucky fans were treated to a few of the singer’s signature dance moves.

It was only going to be a matter of time before PSY fever spread through the States. The video for “Gangnam Style,” posted to YouTube a few months ago, has garnered over 45 million views. Undoubtedly many of those are by repeat viewers, because once you watch PSY galloping on his invisible horse through the tony Seoul district of Gangnam, it’s hard not to watch again …and again …and again. In fact, here it is one more time. We can’t help ourselves.

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