Bearded Men Shut Down Portland Bridge

Residents of Portland, Ore., are used to seeing strange things. But a group of camouflaged, bearded men carrying weapons was apparently too much.

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Residents of Portland, Ore., have grown accustomed to some pretty strange sights, especially near the city’s Burnside Bridge. But a nighttime gathering of bearded men, some wearing camouflage and one reportedly holding a rifle, was a bit too much for one resident.

After a call to police, authorities arrived to closed the bridge and round up the the bearded men. However, it turned out not to be a drug bust or some weirdly hirsute survivalist cell but a group of charity-minded beard enthusiasts. The 13 men, members of a local beard club, were posing for a photograph they hoped would be accepted for a Beards for Breasts calendar. They chose the bridge as it allowed the landmark Portland, Oregon sign to light up the backdrop.

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The calendar is meant to raise money for cancer research and gets sent nationwide to beard and mustache clubs.

While only two of the men had any camouflage on at all, they were hoping to show a bit of patriotism in the photo — maybe enough to land them the coveted month of July, one member told CNN. Of course, that man interviewed was wearing an ‘N Sync T-shirt, which is good enough for any month of the year. Still, police will charge two members for brandishing an (unloaded) assault rifle in public and causing a disturbance.

The police intrusion—and closure of the entire bridge—stopped the photo shoot short, leaving the group without a submission to the calendar. If nothing else, it gives them one more year to shape their beards.

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