A Piece of the Moon Goes Up for Auction

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Heritage Auction

If you’ve got a thing for space rocks, look no further: a big chunk of the moon is going on the block.

In fact, it’s the fourth-largest piece of the Earth’s satellite you can come close to owning. (The moon rocks brough back from the Apollo missions are barred from private acquisition — at least, most of them.)

The rock on the block, so to speak, is actually a meteorite, Dar al Gani 1058, and is being sold by Heritage Auctions. It’s expected to fetch upwards toward $380,000.

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Believed to have been ejected from the lunar surface following an asteroid impact, Dar al Gani 1058 is thought to have originally come from the far side of the moon and has “the single largest surface area to mass ratio of any of the largest lunar meteorites,” according to the listing’s dextrous turn of phrase. It’s most likely that the rock will be acquired by a museum or other public institution, unless a private collector swoops it up at the last minute. The current bid stands at $170,000 and the auction ends on October 13.

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