WATCH: Hey, Let’s Launch an Obama Bobblehead into Space

Okay, technically the stratosphere. But still, it's pretty high up.

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What better way to promote a yard sale to benefit the Obama campaign than to launch a bobblehead of the Commander in Chief into the stratosphere?

Sure, it’s kind of a non sequitur, but who cares, because this is entertaining. A group of Obama supporters from San Francisco strapped a President Obama bobblehead doll to a weather balloon and let it fly, equipped with a camera, from a spot near the Golden Gate Bridge.

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The video shows the plastic POTUS soaring 100,000 feet above Earth to the majestic sounds of the E.T. theme song. It’s all fine and good until the wind picks up; things get a bit troubling when Obama’s head begins to rattle excessively. But then he descends into the desert, touching down with a gentle thud, and he’s safe once again.

The group responsible for the President’s spaceflight are the organizers of Yard Sale for OBAMA, a national initiative to sell anything from waffle irons to Ace of Base CDs to support the President’s reelection campaign. This weekend, participants are encouraged to team up with neighbors to host community yard sales, or to use sites like Craigslist and eBay to sell items online. Participants are then asked to donate the proceeds to Obama for America.

Launching items into the sky before selling them is awesome, but not required.

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