WATCH: Russian Man Escapes Truck Crash Unharmed with Poise and Grace

In the wake of an unexpected road crash, one truck driver landed a dismount to make an Olympian gymnast jealous.

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Hollywood had better hire this Russian trucker as its next stuntman. The truck driver escapes stunningly unharmed after a tractor-trailer crashes into his small box truck in a full speed, head-on collision. In the video, recorded by a dashboard camera in a vehicle following behind on the highway, the trucker is seen being thrust out of his vehicle’s shattered front windshield. The stunned, stripes-clad driver sticks his landing after perilously gripping what remained of the cab, then proceeds to walk away seemingly unharmed. Seconds later, gazing upon the damage, he scratches his head as if to wonder what just happened.

According to the original video’s caption, the accident happened in Vladimir Oblast, about a hundred miles east of the capital Moscow, on a narrow, busy road. It’s unclear if the trucker is swerving out of the way of a stopped truck in the road or simply seeking to overtake it, but the evasive maneuver lands the truck in a head-on collision with an oncoming one. While the one lucky truck driver ends his epic stunt unharmed, there was no report found on the condition of the oncoming truck’s driver.

But really, such a crash should be no surprise to Russians. The world’s largest nation is one of the most dangerous places in the world to drive in: more than 35,000 people die in traffic accidents each year on the vast country’s roads, according to the World Health Organization. In terms of fatal accidents, Russia ranks fourth after India, China and the United States, but the frequency of crashes is shocking. Moscow motorists make insurance claims for traffic accidents every 1.37 years, according to a study reported by the Moscow Times last week. And such a striking number of collisions means there’s an equally large number of caught-on-tape incidents illustrating harrowing survivals. And some clips seem straight out of an action film — or possibly even better. “Real life in Russia always beats Hollywood action!” one YouTube user commented.

Just a few months ago, a Russian man incredibly survived a crash at a gas station, when two vehicles careened into each other, surrounding him in twisted metal.


And earlier this year, another Russian trucker survived a crash with poise when his truck tipped over as he negotiated a turn: