WATCH: Filipino Prisoners Go ‘Gangnam Style’

The Filippino prisoners who brought you the Michael Jackson "Thriller" dance mob take on PSY's "Gangnam Style"

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While the internet moves swiftly with viral videos and adorable puppy cams popping up everyday, it’s hard to forget the vision of a thousand inmates dancing in matching prisoner garb to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” The video has over 50 million views, so we know we are not alone in our fascination with the synchronized moves of this mass of criminal offenders. Now the inmates at Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Philippines are back, recreating Korean rap sensation PSY’s “Gangnam Style” video.

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“Despite the heavy rain yesterday afternoon, Sept. 29, at least a thousand inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) entertained guests with their ecstatic adoption of the Guinness World Record holder for the “Most Liked in YouTube,'” read the description on the video, which lasts nearly four minutes.

The video shows a sea of inmates in their standard issue red uniforms riding invisible horses around the prison’s yard in a move culled from the “Gangnam Style” viral video that has so far accumulated 332 million views since its upload on YouTube in July. Undaunted by the rain, the prisoners seemed intent on showing off their skills, which have gained the inmates Internet fame while they serve time at the high security prison.
According to the Manila Bulletin, “Gangnam Style” was the CPDRC inmates’ first public performance in seven months after the Cebu provincial government suspended their show privileges following an incident inside the jail.

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