Eton Students Give ‘Gangnam Style’ an Old School Makeover

The lads at one of Britain's poshest boarding schools have done their own version of PSY's ubiquitous 'Gangnam Style' video.

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A group of boys from one of Britain’s poshest boarding schools have released their own version of the “Gangnam Style” video.  But you might need an Etonian-to-English dictionary to figure it out.

The lads behind the video wrote their own words to PSY’s ubiquitous viral hit, in which they to pay homage to their alma mater, historically the school of princes and prime ministers, while prancing around in morning coats.

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The video pokes fun at the lavish lifestyles of Britain’s most entitled teens:

“Me and my homies runin’ around and getting dizzy/Don’t even know what we drank but we’ll take it if it’s fizzy/I think it might be Moet at £100 a bottle/because here we drink that just like water.”

But fittingly for a group of kids who seem to have spent a lot of time mastering PSY’s invisible horse dance, they don’t take themselves all that seriously:

“We may be awkward, frustrated, lonely and insecure/yeah insecure/We’re not too social, can’t talk to women, although we try/we’re just too shy/If you approach us then we’ll just break down and cry.”

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The video recreates many of the scenes from the original video, but includes headmasters, libraries and a noticeable absence of scantily clad women.  And some of the schoolboys’ lingo borders on the abstruse.  For those unaccustomed to the vernacular of British public school life, the Guardian has composed a primer for the plebs.

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Britain may be late to the ‘Gangnam Style’ spoof meme, but it’s making up for lost time. In addition to the Eton video, last week the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, joked at a party conference that he danced “Gangnam Style” with Prime Minister David Cameron — who, by the way, is also an Eton grad. Elsewhere, International Criminal Court judge Sang Hyun-Song name-checked the viral video in his address to the U.N. Security Council on Wednesday. Even Google CEO Larry Page made mention of a “recent video of horse dancing,” at at his earnings call —although his shoutout was mistakenly transcribed as “came in style,” rather than “Gangnam Style.”

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