Woman Arrested for Calling 911 About Bologna Sandwiches

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© Ocean/Corbis

We’ll say this for Christine Lee Brown: She really loves those bologna sandwiches.

Police arrested the 51-year-old Palm Bay, Fla. woman after she called 911 six times on Oct. 16 to thank Sheriff Jack Parker for the bologna sandwiches she consumed during her incarceration at the Brevard County Jail Complex. Operators repeatedly requested that Brown only dial 911 unless there was an emergency, but she continued to call, WKMG reported.

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“The last time I was arrested, the sheriff gave me his bologna sandwich,” Brown told a 911 operator during her third call. “I remember what he gave me to eat.” After the operator told Brown to refrain from calling 911, she replied, “You tell him.”

Brown placed subsequent calls to ask whether the Brevard County prison, which houses 1,600 inmates, had cooking facilities and to advise that they acquire a type of stove to “save [them] a bunch of money,” according to police recordings. Brown’s final call features officers knocking on the door at her residence in the 2500 block of Chatham Way.

No court date has been set for Brown, who was charged with misuse of 911 communications and is being held on a $3,000 bond at Brevard County jail, WKMG reported.

Non-emergency 911 calls resulting in arrests are a fairly common occurrence. In August, a Tennessee man was arrested for requesting the operator to send him a ride so he could pick up beer. A month earlier, the New York Daily News reported that Commerce, Ga. police arrested a woman for phoning to complain about her mugshot from a previous stint in jail.

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