It’s a Whale Of An Ale: Portland, Ore’s Rogue Brewery Makes A “Moby Dick” Flavored Beer

Just in time for the holidays: Moby Dick flavored beer

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While book lovers have been known to say they want to sink their teeth into a good book, bibliophiles rarely say anything about wanting to take a sip of a favorite read. That could all change when White Whale Ale hits the craft beer market.

While beer aficionados know that ales can taste hoppy, bitter, or fruity, White Whale Ale may have hints of a few other adjectives and nouns and verbs, too. You see, White Whale Ale was brewed with the pages of Moby Dick thrown into the mix.

Oregon-based brewer Rogue Ales and Spirits teamed up with Portland, Ore., bookstore Powell’s Books to create a beer aimed at Herman Melville connoisseurs and ardent beer fiends. The ale, made in honor of Powell’s 41st anniversary, was infused with the pages of Moby Dick. According to Beer Advocate, Michael and Emily Powell, the bookstore’s founders, along with Rogue Brewmaster John Maier, took a few pages from a copy of the book and put them into the brew kettle. The result? White Whale Ale, a quaff-ready ode to the adventures of the Pequod.

Commemorative bottles of White Whale Ale can be purchased online or at the Rogue Distillery & Public House in Portland, Ore.

If you think this sounds like alcohol abuse, Maier has been known to make beer from the yeast in his own facial hair. Moby Dick flavored ale has to taste better than beard beer, right?

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