WATCH: New Videos of Ikea Monkey Wearing a Halloween Costume, Brushing his Teeth

Can't get enough of Ikea monkey? Here's more!

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Can’t get enough of Ikea Monkey? Well it’s your lucky day, because there are eight home videos starring the little primate on YouTube.

Just to recap, Ikea Monkey — who is actually a young rhesus macaque — shot to global fame this week after he was discovered skittering around a Toronto Ikea in a miniature shearling coat. It turns out the monkey had escaped from his owners’ car while they were shopping. It’s illegal to own macaques in Toronto, and the baby monkey, named Darwin, has now been transferred to a Canada primate sanctuary.

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It turns out, however, that Darwin’s former owner, Yasmin Nakhuda, had uploaded a bunch of videos of the primate before the fateful Ikea trip, giving us a glimpse of his home life. In the clips, Darwin is shown brushing his teeth with Nakhuda, wearing a Halloween devil costume, meeting an African Grey parrot and leaping around Nakhuda’s office. Nakhuda has since posted another video, entitled ‘Darwin Monkey Needs His Family Back!!!‘ which shows the young macaque scampering around in his shearling coat and running up to give one of his family members a hug.

Nakhuda hopes to regain custody of Darwin, although she says she will let him stay at the shelter if it’s better for him. “If the sanctuary is able to convince me that they are doing a better job, then for sure,” Nakhuda told CBC on Tuesday. “Because everything has to be what’s best for him.”

Nakhuda says Darwin came into her care after an acquaintance let her babysit the macaque, and then said she should keep him after Darwin didn’t want to be separated from her. “The gentleman who had him started laughing,” she told CBC News, “and said to me ‘well guess what? He has chosen you, you’re his mom.’”

During their time together, Darwin travelled with Nakhuda to the Canadian National Exhibition fair (hidden in a baby carrier) and the sandwich shop Quiznos. “Whenever he would see the Quiznos sign he would go crazy, he would start standing on the dashboard of the car,” she told CBC. “And jump up and down fast.”

Toronto animal services says that Darwin suffered stress from the Ikea incident but is fine. Nakhuda, however, told CBC she’s worried. “I have a lot of pain and suffering. But it’s not about me, it’s about Darwin. How is he feeling? How is he dealing with all this stress?”