Watch: Trombone-Mounted Camera Gives Front Row To The Action

A trombone and a Go Pro camera make for a hypnotic video

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Ever wonder what a professional trombonist does in his spare time? Well YouTube user CDMVette — a.k.a. David Finlayson, the second trombonist for the New York Philharmonic —  used some of his free to make a strangely hypnotic video that has gone viral.

In this simple video, Finlayson attached a GoPro camera to the slide of his trombone while he played a tune. And yes, the combination of one man, one camera, one trombone doesn’t sound especially exciting, but the result is a weirdly entertaining and surprisingly watchable video that gives some idea of what it must feel like to be a trombone.

GoPro cameras are small, sturdy digital video cameras originally developed for use by surfers. One was mounted on Felix Baumgartner during his record-breaking 24 miles freefall. The cameras have been attached to hula hoops, skate boards, and used to give a unique peek into gymnastics.

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