Real Joe Biden Tweets ‘#imavetteguy’ to the Onion’s Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden asks a question to his alter-ego “Diamond” Joe Biden.

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Joe Biden gets in on the Onion’s fun by asking a question to “Diamond” Joe Biden during a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session.

Vice President Biden stole some of the Onion’s thunder on Friday when he tweeted a question to “Diamond” Joe Biden, the vice president’s satirical alter ego, during a Reddit chat.

The Onion released an e-book Friday called “The President of Vice,” an autobiography of the Onion’s Biden caricature who is often featured on the parody news site, according to the Washington Post.

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To promote the book, the phony Biden participated in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” thread.

It’s not uncommon for politicians to hold an AMA session on Reddit – Obama did it when he was campaigning for his presidential re-election – but it’s somewhat unusual to have a parody host one, not to mention have the real individual ask a question, according to the online publication, the Next Web.

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Biden’s tweet was sent from the Office of VP Biden twitter handle, but included “-VP,” meaning it was written by Biden himself, reported the Washington Post.


“Diamond” Joe Biden’s Reddit AMA drew hundreds of comments.  The Vice President’s tweet to his “sleazy, womanizing Trans Am-loving alter-ego”asked him to check out Biden’s corvette.  One reader posted the actual vice president’s query on the AMA thread, and Diamond Joe replied: “Those glorified Camaros aint good for nothing but smokin’ the tires.”

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