Do You Want the Best Job in the World? Apply Now

Applications are open for Australia's "Best Jobs in the World"

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REUTERS/Queensland Tourism/Eddie Safarik/Handout

Winner of "The Best Job in the World" 2009 competition Ben Southall (R) of Britain and his girlfriend Breanna Watkins pose in their house on Hamilton Island.

Were you born with a sense of adventure and passion for exploring the wilderness? Are you interested in touring restaurants, wineries and lobster eateries? Do you have skills in photography and want to discover life in one of the most exciting cities in the world? If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then Tourism Australia may have the dream job for you.

Tourism Australia has launched the 2013 ‘Best Jobs in the World’ campaign, calling on people aged 18-30 interested in spending six months working Down Under to apply for their new job openings. The ‘Best Jobs in the World’ offers a choice of six positions —Chief Funster, Outback Adventurer, Park Ranger, Wildlife Caretaker, Lifestyle Photographer and Taste Master — along with a $100,000 salary.

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The new campaign comes four years after a British man, Ben Southall,  won the 2009 “Best Job in the World” competition — and the chance to work as an Island Caretaker on the Great Barrier Reef and “swim, snorkel, make friends with the locals and generally enjoy the tropical Queensland climate and lifestyle,” as Yahoo News wrote.

The campaign is particularly focused on countries where people are eligible for the Australian working holiday visa, including the U.K., Ireland, the U.S., Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. Andrew McEvoy, managing director of Tourism Australia, believes these job opportunities will appeal to youths facing high unemployment and tough jobs markets at home. “For many young people, Australia’s Working Holiday Maker visa programs provide the economic means to fund travel plans,” he told the Telegraph.

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So what do these jobs entail? As Chief Funster you could travel around New South Wales as a social media commentator, writing reviews for festivals and events, and living “the life of a Sydney VIP.” Or if food is your calling, you could apply for the position of Taste Master, eating your way around Western Australia, uncovering the best bars and restaurants. Or perhaps if the outdoors is your passion, you could apply for the position of Park Ranger where you’ll work to protect and promote rainforest walks, dinosaur fossils and indigenous marine life.

The job offers are part of a major marketing campaign to attract enthusiastic youths from across the globe to move out to Australia. McEvoy sees it as a platform to entice young people to come and fill the many tourism positions that are available in the country and believes the job offers will appeal to “youth travelers’ sense of fun and adventure,” notes Yahoo News.

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