Reading While Eating for Mar. 11: Did You Remember Daylight Savings?

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: The dark side of Daylight Saving Time and a primer on how the next Pontiff will be picked.

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JOE KLAMAR / AFP/Getty Images

A woman walks with her dog during the sunset at Leo Carrillo state beach north of Malibu, California.

Why DST Is Pointless: Seems like 2013 is the year that people (or at least the internet media) turned on Daylight Savings Time. Losing an hour of sleep for a night isn’t fun, sure, but it’s not often you hear folks complaining about an extra hour of light during summer evenings. (Gizmodo)

Rare Praise for Arizona. It’s the only state that doesn’t do Daylight Savings, so we should all probably move there. (BuzzFeed)

Five Tech-Savvy Tricks for Sleeping. Seems appropriately timed. White noise is the solution to all of the world’s most substantial problems. (mental_floss)

Ever Wonder How a New Pope Gets Picked? Beyond that whole conclave thing and the white smoke and whatnot. (

Justin Timberlake Hosted Saturday Night Live.┬áJT joined the exclusive five-timers club and served as the show’s musical guest. (

Longread of the Day: The bizarre tale of the physics professor and the bikini model. Can you guess which one was (allegedly) conned into transporting drugs and which one ended up in jail? (New York Times Magazine)

Mind-Blowing Recreations of Everyday Objects Made from Paper: Courtesy of artist Vincent Tomczyk. A paranoid person might say that these are just the objects themselves. That would be sad. (Flavorwire)

Tropes vs. Women in Video Games. Another Kickstarter success story: Anita Sarkeesian introduced the first episode of her web series, aimed at examining how women are portrayed in video games. (YouTube via The Daily What)