WATCH: Skiers Take to the Steps of Montmartre in Paris

In the shadow of Sacré-Coeur Basilica, a group of enterprising skiers take to the steps of Paris' famous hill, Montmartre

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It’s been a particularly cold and snowy winter this year in Europe. But while temperatures are slowly starting to creep upwards, a couple of  sports enthusiasts decided to make the most of winter’s last gasp earlier this month and headed to the famous Montmartre district in Paris for some skiing and snowboarding.

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France is hardly lacking in mountains or snow-covered ski resorts – think Val d’Isère, host of the 1992 Winter Olympics, or Chamonix, one of the oldest ski resorts in Europe. But these alpine resorts are nearly 400 miles away from Paris, and given the capital’s milder winter weather snowfall is far less common.

So when it does happen, you have to move quickly to take advantage. The skiiers featured here hiked up 300 steps to the instantly recognizable Sacré-Coeur Basilica at the top of Montmartre. The video they recorded of their daredevil jumps and turns down the Montmarte slope, reminds viewers that “snow doesn’t fall in Paris, it melts” — which is why they need to ski vite.

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