Reading While Eating for April 17: Boston Stands United

Today's lunch links spotlight a 3D animation of the bomb-making process and the animated people performing good deeds in the Boston area.

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REUTERS / Shannon Stapleton

Boston Marathon runners (L to R) Lisa Kresky-Griffin, Diane Deigmann and Tammy Snyder embrace at the barricaded entrance at Boylston Street near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in Boston, Mass., Apr. 16, 2013.

Manhunt by Mistake:  In the immediate aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, a 20-year-old Saudi man injured in the blasts came under massive media scrutiny. He was almost immediately ruled out as a suspect — but as Amy Davidson writes for The New Yorker, this doesn’t say great things about us as a nation. (The New Yorker)

The Helpers: A round-up of the Good Samaritans who have been reaching out to people affected by the tragedy. (mental_floss)

A Walk to Remember: College students have organized a walk to finish off the race for those who couldn’t do it themselves. (The Daily What)

Is Sharing Really Caring? One columnist explores how the tragedy is making people feel obligated to post things on social media, whether they have anything valuable to add or not. (BuzzFeed)

Doomsday Scenario: An artist creates photographs of the next big terror: rising sea levels submerging U.S. landmarks. (Flavorwire)

How Stuff Works: This 3D animation imagines the construction of the bombs that exploded at the marathon. (