WATCH: 30 Canadian Skiers Attempt World Record Simultaneous Backflip

Don’t try this at home.

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In this crazy video, 30 Canadian skiers hit the slopes at Mont St. Sauveur in Quebec to attempt a backflip—hand in hand—last Sunday. Don’t try this at home, folks.

Led by freestyle-skiing world champion Mikaël Kingsbury, the group managed to convince the slope to close off a part of the mountain so that they could practice and hold the event. Jerome Berneche, a 23-year-old skier, told local news station Sky News Kingsbury that the skiing champion had drummed up the idea about a month or two ago to put together a record-breaking backflip.

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Kingsbury also managed to convince current and former members of the Canadian freestyle team to participate, United Press International reports. These are clearly not amateurs.

According to Berneche, the group trained for 2 hours alone or in small groups before attempting the huge backflip together. It didn’t work the first time.

“On the first try, the line broke, because we had problems with the angle of the slope that was steeper on one side than the other, so some people did not have the same speed.”

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On the second try, however, they all managed to pull it off. “We were pretty stoked, I don’t think anybody really expected it to work that well.”