12 People We’d Like to See on Twitter

Here’s our ultimate wishlist of the public figures we’d like to see start tweeting.

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Ben Sklar / Reuters / Corbis

Bill Clinton and Warren Buffett joined Twitter within days of each other, creating a #FollowFriday opportunity so epic that even President Obama couldn’t help but join in.

[tweet https://twitter.com/BarackObama/status/330415518320295937%5D

So who’s next? The social network has been, on balance, a PR blessing for many public figures who want to connect directly (See: Murdoch, Rupert). But the unfiltered nature of Twitter has its downsides (See: Weiner, Anthony), something some celebrities have cited as their reason for avoiding social media altogether.

Here’s our ultimate wishlist of the public figures we’d like to see join the Pope and start tweeting.

1) George Clooney

Everybody’s favorite silver fox could be almost as dashing in 140 characters as he is onscreen. But he’s said he doesn’t want in, telling TIME in 2011 that it’s just not worth it. Why? “Because I drink in the evening and I don’t want anything that I write at midnight to end my career — “You can kiss my ass,” all spelled wrong.”

2) Jennifer Lawrence

The Internet’s ongoing love affair with ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ actress Jennifer Lawrence would certainly reach a fever pitch if she brought her candid real talk to Twitter. But that’s highly unlikely, especially after she told David Letterman earlier this year that she shares his disdain for tweeting: “I’m not even on Twitter and I’m so worried about it…[tweeting] would be like a punishment for me.”

3) Tim Cook and Jonathan Ive

Though tech CEOs like Yahoo’s @MarissaMayer and Google’s @KevinRose often take to Twitter to share news and promote products, not so for Apple’s top honchos. Imagine the suspense and speculation of them could generate with a single tweet.

4) David Beckham

Soccer superstar Beckham should join fellow footballers like @Cristiano and @Kaka, who each command more than 15 million followers (and counting). He could also tweet with wife Victoria, who counters her sometimes frosty image by sharing fun photos and brief missives about fashion and family.

5) Jon Stewart

The beloved satirist is represented with his @TheDailyShow account, but imagine if his faux rivalry with Comedy Central mate @StephenAtHome carried over to social media.

6) Prince Harry

Jordan’s @QueenRania extends her reign on Twitter, so surely we can dream of a personal account from everybody’s favorite royal redhead. And a potential PR nightmare that’s just waiting to happen for @ClarenceHouse, the official account of Harry, William and Kate. Better yet, Harry should join Instagram.

7) Hillary Clinton

The former Secretary of State is odd woman out in the Clinton family, especially now that @BillClinton has joined daughter @ChelseaClinton (one of TIME’s 140 Twitter feeds to follow in 2013). Smart money would be on a 2015 account launch, just in time for a ramped up campaign season.

8) Daniel Radcliffe

The “Harry Potter” star joined Google+ in late 2012, but he’s publicly resisted joining Twitter because he’s annoyed at the number of fake accounts out there. That hasn’t stopped his “Harry Potter” co-star Emma Watson, who has made quite a go of the network, gathering almost 7 million followers with simple tweets.

9) Kim Jong Un

Plenty of world leaders have embraced Twitter, including late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, who reached more than 4 million followers. But although comedic writer Andy Borowitz valiantly stands in for him, North Korea’s enfant terrible is absent from this growing list. His account would be worth following if only to see the back and forth with buddy @DennisRodman.

10) Roger Ailes

His boss @RupertMurdoch is in. And all press is good press, right?

11)   Woody Allen

His son, Ronan Farrow, and ex wife, Mia Farrow, are Twitter pros. Imagine the best rants of everybody’s favorite New Yorker, condensed down into 140 character blurbs.

12) Prince

140 characters? No problem for Prince. The singer has been writing in shorthand for years, using now common abbreviations like “2,” “U” and “4” since the early 1980s. And let’s face it: his cryptic musings on life, love and the music industry would be worth the follow.