Reading While Eating for May 14: Feeling Nostalgic

In today's must-read links: dwelling on the past.

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Saved By The Bell
Getty Images

The cast of 'Saved by the Bell' circa 1991. Although, we're pretty sure Zack Morris didn't have the work ethic to attend Yale.

Technology of Yore: Longing for the simpler times, when we used simpler forms of communication? Indulge your nostalgia and listen to these songs about obsolete forms of technology. (mental_floss)

Bayside, Behind the Scenes: There’s a special kind of nostalgia reserved for ’90s pop culture. Enjoy these backstage photos from the set of the classic ’90s TV show Saved by the Bell. Spoiler alert: Slater rocks some fly white jeans. (BuzzFeed)

Literary Blueprints: Reminisce about your favorite novels with this collection of famous authors’ outlines. There’s even a Harry Potter spreadsheet. (Flavorwire)

See Ya Later, Hader: Bill Hader announced that he’s leaving Saturday Night Live. Which means Stefon is also leaving Saturday Night Live. We’re already holding back our tears of nostalgia. (The New York Times)

#Guiltygram: Yearning for the days before Instagram? Well, it turns out the photo-sharing app is good for more than just bragging about one’s brunch. An Instagram photo helped authorities track down a prolific identity thief. (The Daily What)

Bye, Barbara: Broadcast television icon Barbara Walters has announced her retirement. Celebrate her 50-year reign with these photos that document the evolution her illustrious career. (

Timeless Classics: Luckily, we’ll never feel nostalgia for puppy videos, because we’re confident they’ll never go out of style. Enjoy this adorable little pup plagued by hiccups. (BuzzFeed)