Reading While Eating for May 31: The Letter ‘C’

From cat feats to climbing feats, here are some fun links to browse during your lunch break, inspired by the letter 'C'

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Competition: What you missed if you didn’t watch the Scripps National Spelling Bee finals. (

Climbing: Read about the first Pakistani woman and the first Indian woman on prosthetic leg to climb Mt. Everest. (Divanee)

Coffee: Baristas can make some beautiful lattés. 15 coffees that are works of art. (BuzzFeed)

Couture: This is what a satin jumpsuit looks like. Wear it if you want to look like Batwoman. (Go Fug Yourself)

Cologne: A fragrance specially designed for gamers. (The Daily What)

Cats: Japanese cat and Internet celebrity Maru turned six this month, marking six years of trying to fit into boxes. (Huffington Post)