Reading While Eating for June 4: How Bizarre

In today's must-read links: a rogue ostrich, a tap-dancing seagull and other strange shenanigans.

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Ostrich on the Lam: A rogue ostrich recently prompted a four-hour police chase in China. Click here to watch the flightless bird’s ridiculous shenanigans as he fearlessly darts through heavy rush hour traffic. (BuzzFeed)

Paella-gate 2013: A Spanish beer commercial has sparked some angry backlash — but not because of sexism or any of the other usual suspects in beer advertisements. This ad has Spaniards in a tizzy because the young, laughing protagonists prepare paella with onions. And that, mis amigos, is a major no-no. (

This is a Thing: The folks over at Flavorwire have brought to the Internet’s attention a 1983 film called “The Terror of Tiny Town.” It billed itself as a Western “with an all-midget cast.” Yes, really. (Flavorwire)

Strange Celebrations: You can keep things bizarre all month long! Here’s a list of 20 offbeat holidays you can celebrate during June. Some fun ones like Heimlich Maneuver Day have already passed, but you can still look forward to World Sauntering Day, International Fairy Day and more. (mental_floss)

Vintage Cuteness: Check out these adorably bizarre black and white photographs of puppies and kittens posed in various human-like ways. These images are kind of puzzling, but in the end, the cuteness definitely outweighs the strangeness. (BuzzFeed)

Broadway Bound: Look at this little guy! A seagull tap-danced, and the Internet was there. Apparently this is a pretty common practice known as “worm charming” —  a way to lure worms to the Earth’s surface to facilitate faster eating. But whatever, let’s just pretend he’s practicing to become the next Fred Astaire. (The Daily What)