WATCH LIVE: Supermoon 2013, the Year’s Biggest, Brightest Full Moon

Watch as the year's largest full moon -- also known as the supermoon or perigee moon -- lights up the night sky

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At last, one of the greatest celestial events of the year has arrived. That’s right, it’s supermoon time! This cosmic wonder occurs when the moon arrives at perigee — the point in its orbit when it’s closest to the Earth — during its full phase, explains.

In other words: thanks to nature and science and stuff, tonight the moon will appear extra large and bright and awe-inspiring. Watch this high-definition live stream as the moon rises, brought to you by the folks at Slooh SpaceCamera. They’re streaming the event from their observatory in the Canary Islands, and the broadcast will also include a live chat with astronomer Bob Berman.

Happy moon-gazing!  Isn’t space awesome?

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