‘Catch Me If You Can’ Tweeter Gets Caught

The fugitive appears to have taunted a San Diego District Attorney with the message in June

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Dan Kitwood/ Getty Images

Wanda Lee Ann Podgurski was biding her time as a fugitive in Mexico when someone using her alleged twitter account tweeted a taunt to police: “Catch me if you can” on June 6th. She was then arrested in Mexico on July 6th by the Fugitive Task Force in Rosarito, Mexico, according to the Los Angeles Times

“I can’t tell you at this time if that played any role in her apprehension,” Deputy District Attorney Sherry Thompson said on Monday to reporters in reference to her tweet. Before her Mexico getaway, the former Amtrak clerk’s travel experiences were what got her into trouble in the first place: During a time when she was claiming disability benefits from seven insurance companies and a government agency, prosecutors claimed she was vacationing in China, the Dominican Republic, New York, Seattle, Boston, Fort Lauderdale and other destinations. During her two-month trial starting back in January, Podgurski was able to live outside of jail because she cleared her $500,000 bail. The California criminal was convicted back in January for disability and insurance fraud amounting to more than $650,000, according to the Times.

Podgurski is now in jail, without bail, and has pleaded not guilty to the latest charges of failing to appear in court. If convicted, the 60-year-old woman could add up to almost three years to her already 20-year sentence for fraud, reports CBS-San Diego.