‘Sink-Urinal’ Helps Men Wash Hands and Save Water

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Courtesy of Stand

A new high-tech urinal is supposed to help men take better care of their personal hygiene and the environment.

Latvian designer Kaspars Jursons has created “The Stand,” which is basically a sink on top of a urinal. The water that comes out of a hands-free, infrared, sensor faucet is reused to flush the urinal so that men can use the facilities and wash their hands at the same time, while also saving water in the process.

Jursons told NPR the piece, which costs about $590, has already been installed at a concert venue in Riga, Latvia, and may start cropping up in Norway, Germany, Russia, Poland.

Turns out men all over the world need help with hand-washing. In the U.S., a recent study conducted by Michigan State University found that 95% of Americans do not wash their hands properly.

Other high-tech urinals that have gone viral in the past year include the urinal gaming systems that let men play video games in the act at a minor league baseball stadium in Pennsylvania, as well as the “Guitar Pee” urinal that Billboard installed at bars in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Notes are played when the stream hits the different strings, and the track is uploaded as an “MPEE3.”

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