WATCH: Georgia Family Finds Giant Kentucky Fried Chicken Bucket in Yard

The collector's item harkens back to the days before the chain shortened its name to KFC

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Aleena Headrick, of Waynesboro, Georgia, was coming home last Thursday when she found an empty seven-foot bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken sitting outside her front door. “I was driving by, I saw this giant Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket in my yard, and I thought for sure I was hallucinating, so I called my teenagers who were at home and had them go outside,” Headrick told her local NBC affiliate.

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Headrick’s kids, sure enough, confirmed the sighting. Baffled as to what it was doing there, Headrick eventually warmed up to the mysterious bucket sitting in front of her house. She correspondingly posted a picture on Facebook, turning it into a roadside attraction of its own. Maybe a side of “giant mashed potatoes” to go in tandem, even?

As for how the mysterious bucket actually ended up there, it turns out that Headrick rents the house. The landlord, Freddie Taylor, as luck would have it, has a penchant for collecting old signs. Taylor had purchased the bucket, placing it outside the property with the intention of permanently displaying it there.

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“That bucket right there, if you notice it, it doesn’t say KFC. It says Kentucky Fried Chicken,” Taylor pointed out enthusiastically. That means it is more than 40 years old and a collector’s item. Strangely, Headricks says she’s fine with it. It’s a little unusual, she admits, but notes it has become a really unique landmark for visitors to their home. “You can just say come down to the giant KFC bucket and turn right.”

As an added bonus, the local KFC has offered Headricks some free chicken to go with the oversized bucket. According to Fox News, “KFC has offered to cater a picnic for Ms. Headrick, her family and friends to celebrate the coolest lawn art in Waynesboro.”