Dad Builds Realistic Boeing 737 Cockpit in His Kids’ Bedroom

The aeronautics enthusiast spent five years building an awe-inspiring flight simulator

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Oil Pressure Indicators Boeing 737-300

Many dads dreamed of becoming astronauts, firefighters or rockstars when they grew up, but sadly, many of those dreams got pushed aside. Although this was also the case for Frenchman Laurent Aigon, he decided to fulfill his fantasy of becoming a pilot, fittingly, in his children’s bedroom.

According to Sud Ouest, Laurent Aigon is a 40-year-old dad who spent the past five years assembling a realistic simulation of a Boeing 737 cockpit in a narrow space between the closet and bunk bed in his kids’ room. After thousands of hours and with the help of his friend Paul Dupuy, Aigon crafted one of the world’s most realistic renditions of a commercial jet’s cockpit. The simulator, which features five computer screens and was assembled with parts from around the world, can recreate flights to destinations as far as Sydney, Australia and Rio de Janeiro.

Now a waiter in a restaurant and bar in the surf town of Lacanau in southwest France, Aigon’s love for aeronautics began as a kid. He grew up near an airport and spent much of his free time admiring the runway as the planes took off and landed.

Aigon’s elaborate simulator has gained international attention. The Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Bordeaux-Merignac (IMA) has invited him to be a guest lecturer and give students hands-on training. More recently, a maintenance company contacted him regarding further professional projects in developing aircraft cockpits.

After years on the ground, Aigon’s childhood dream has finally taken flight.